Learn-to-read website for Pre-K - Gr. 2
Free audio stories for kids.
Variety of activities relating to Dr. Seuss book
PBS Kids - Pounce
Pounce on the word that matches the sound.
PBS Kids - Blending Bowl
Blend sounds to create words.
PBS Kids - Chicken Stacker
Practice identifying short-vowel sounds.
PBS Kids - Fuzzy Lion Ears
Listen to the sounds of words and select the correct letter to finish the word.
Genki English
Hear the sounds of consonants, blends and vowels. (Be sure to choose the U.S. vowels, not the British version.)
Phonics fun, games, and stories for early readers.

Grammar Rules
Grammar rules by topic.
Grammar Girls
Podcasts of Grammar Girls Quick & Dirty Tips for Better Writing

First in MATH
(select group of students - password required)

Math sites recommended by the district:
A+ Math (use Non-Java flashcards)
AAA Math (321 Know Math)
Funbrain - Math Baseball
Funbrain - Kids Center
Math Forum
Teach R Kids Math
A+ Math Games
Math Fact Cafe

Other math web sites:
Fishy Counts
Counting practice for young students.
Virtual Manipulative: Analog & Digital Clocks
Ambleside Clock
Weights & Measure/Customary & Metric
The Slide Rule
Online tools, practice, games & homework help. - Math Games
Math is Fun!
Fraction Four


LearnTCI - Social Studies
(student password required)
LIBERTY! The American Revolution
(Newspaper accounts of historical events)
The History Place: American Revolution (Timeline)
Kid Info: American Revolution

(links to other sites)
Iowa Pathways
Learn about Iowa's people, places, and events - both past and present.
Time for Kids
Online version of Time for Kids magazine - current events.
National Geographic MapMaker Interactive
The Mariner's Museum: Exploration through the Ages
Information on explorers, their ships, their navigation tools, and their voyages. A Study of the Earth and Her People

Geography and Geology Information and Games
The White House 101
White House facts for all ages

Herbert Hoover Wore Many Hats
The Underground Railroad

The 50 U.S. states:
Facts about the United States
State Symbols USA

Countries of the World
CIA - The World Factbook
Infoplease:Countries of the World



Magnets - Investigation 1 Review
Discovery Science
(Keystone password required )
Simple Machines Web Quest
Recycling Websites
Simple Machines
KidWings: Virtual Owl Pellets
How Stuff Works
The Weather Channel
Dan's Wild Wild Weather Page
Just for Kids (Univ. of Illinois Extension)

A variety of science learning activities.
Information on cell structure, cell function, scientific studies, plants, vertebrates, invertebrates, and other life science topics
The Great Plant Escape
Learn about plants from the University of Illinois Extension.
Biomes of the World
Freshwater Ecosystems
Marine Ecosystems

All about astronomy and the stars.
All about physical geography - Earth science (this isn't states and capitals!)
Interactive Rock Cycle Animation
Rock and the Rock Cycle
All about forces and effects: motion, heat and thermodynamics, electricity & magnetism, light, modern physics, and more.
Basic chemistry information on matter, atoms, elements, the periodic table, reactions, and biochemistry.
Nutrition Sites:
Nutrition Explorations
Dole SuperKids

Human Skeleton Sites:
Skeleton Shakedown
The Human Skeleton
FOSS HumanBody
Animal Skeleton Sites:
Skulls Unlimited


Homework Help
Thanks to Carnegie Stout Public Library, get free help online from real tutors, grades 4-12. Click on "Live Homework Help"
(you must have a Carnegie-Stout Library card)
Online atlas, almanac, dictionary, encyclopedia
and homework help.
Discovery School.Com
Homework help, study tools, clipart, challenging games.
Awesome Library
reviewd resources for students and parents
Practice your keyboarding online at home - includes lessons, time tests, and games.
Alphabetic Rain
More typing practice, once you've learned the keys.
Study skills, strategies, and tips for intermediate grade students.

Keystone Online Resources
(username and password required - students have a sticker in their agenda)
(internet safety info for kids)

Puzzles, riddles, games, brain teasers, & more
Create wordsearchs and other puzzles.

Create a bibliography using a free, online website.
Search Engines
Ask Kids
Awesome Library

Click on "Kids"
web search for kids by librarians

Factmonster Almanac


Geography Sites

Test your Geography Knowledge
GeoBee Challenge
National Geographic People & Places
Geo-Globe: Interactive Geography
Fact Monster: The Study of Geography
National Geographic Home Page Geography Quizzes
Geography Games
I Like to Learn: Geography Quizzes

G/T Links

Online Graphing Calculator




Immigration Sites
Immigration:Stories of Yesterday and Today
Ellis Island
Online exhibit from
Immigration: Ellis Island

Virtual Tour of Ellis Island

Sign Language Sites
Learn signs, phrases and how to fingerspell
American Sign Language Browser

A good site to look up ASL signs.
Sign Language Dictionary
Animated dictionary of words.

Online Chess



The Louvre

Destination: Modern Art

The Smithsonian for Kids

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

National Gallery of Art - NGAKids

Classics for Kids

Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids

San Francisco Symphony Kids' Site

The Symphony: An Interactive Guide


Piano Education Just For Kids

NIEHS Kids Pages

Healthy Recipes for Kids & Families

Games Kids Play

Kids Health

Disney's Healthy Kids


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